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Top Seven Things Affecting Your Sex Life


About 40 percent of couples find that their sex life could be better. What spoils it? What's stopping you? It seems that the bad habits or unfaithfulness or even that either. The heroine of the series "Desperate Housewives" forgot about her husband if she saw a stain on the tablecloth or torn off button on his jacket. Still there is fatigue and lack of time. But it turns out a lot of problems, and not just a man in socks could frighten away the passion of his beloved...

Scientists have conducted research and compiled a list of the things and situations that can actually interfere with sex and can affect your sexual life.

1. Cold Feet

Negatively affecting your sex lifeSurprisingly, eloquently . Researchers from the University of Groningen, the Netherlands found that 80 percent of women experience during sex storm of emotions when they put on socks and their feet do not get cold . And only 50 percent of women can get sexual pleasure with bare feet.

Scientist Gert Holstege, who led the study, believes that this can be explained simply - a woman more comfortable when her feet in socks, she is relaxing, and it is of course important in sexual matters.

2. Tablets from alopecia

They deservedly took the second place. Some men worry that a bald head makes them unattractive.

But here's the cure for baldness may not play in favor of men - said Dr. Radley Modgil, an expert on sexual health in London. - I always warn that the pills block the male hormone testosterone, and can reduce the desire, and opportunities. They also influence on the heart and not the best way.

By the way, there is a perception that bald men are more courageous and active in bed. But this theory has no scientific proof.

3. Stuffy Nose

Odors attract us almost more than beauty, shape or witty jokes. Sensations and smells are inseparable, so that the nose to breathe and feel.

Researchers at the University of Gothenberg in Sweden have shown that men suffering from anosmia (lack of smell), is much less sexual partners than "breathing." Scientists believe that exactly smells suggest to us in the process of communication, what emotions a person experiences, and the man who has problems with the sense of smell, worse understands women.

And, of course, without the help of the nose does not feel the pheromones.
By the way, 83 percent of people with allergies have admitted that their sex life is directly dependent on their well-being - have allergies at the moment or not.

4. TV in the bedroom
Couples who have a TV in the bedroom , have sex half as often those who believe that television does not interfere. Is also important , and what exactly are you watching on TV Films in which there is violence , murder , and also the reality show - the main opponents of passion.

5. AlcoholAlcohol has negative effect on your sex life

Nothing new. Yes, alcohol helps you relax and become more daring, but only at first. And then is reduced sensitivity, impaired coordination. In addition, while the body copes with alcohol, decreases the amount of enzyme required for the production of testosterone. And what kind of sex can be without testosterone?

6. Excess Weight

Changes the level of testosterone in the body, and this affects the libido in both men and women - reduces the blood flow and energy levels, and increased risk of cardiovascular disease, which can affect sexual function. But the classes in the gym immediately improve the situation!

7. Clutter in the bedroom

Women tend to be distracted. And litter can easily bring down the whole mood.
Also, the enemies of sex life can become contraceptives and antidepressants, health problems such as thyroid dysfunction and high blood pressure.

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