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Tips for Erectile Dysfunction

Causes of erectile dysfunctionMillions of men around the world are affected by erectile dysfunction (ED). In the latest National Health and Nutrition Examinational Survey (NHANES), The general consensus is that there are one out of 5 men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, and even though it does not affect a man when it comes to health, it can certainly destroy a man when it comes to self confidence, esteem and relationships.

The definition of erectile dysfunction is that the man is generally capable of getting a full erection, so his penis is unable to attain full strength and length. It is either caused by a disease such as hardening of the arteries or diabetes, or can occur without a cause randomly in men.

However, a majority of the reasons of erectile dysfunction are mainly self inflicted feelings of guilt, anger, depression, fear or a combination of some of these. Your sex life can even be affected if you had a bad hair day or had a tiff with someone. You can always determine whether an erection is caused by physiological or physical factors by measuring how often you suffer from ED. So if you are able to have a natural erection when you are sleeping, then in all probability your erection dysfunction is not because you have a disease or something, but your feelings stop you from enjoying a healthy sex life.

Obviously the big companies derive their profits from making poor customers pay for their disease by buying their products that do more harm than good. That's not true at all in most cases. It's about creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Try to first use the alternatives before you turn to a costly medication that can become a crutch rather than an aid.

You need to be a healthy individual if you want to end this dysfunction of yours, and healthy does not always mean that you are healthy from the body's perspective, you also need to have a healthy mind with positive thoughts coming and going to your mind. Of course it takes some work but it's far more tolerable than the alternative. Moreover, what you get at the very end of it is a healthy mind and soul, so you not only enjoy a good life in the bedroom, but also outside of it.

Avoid drinking and smoking in excess quantities, because they are the number one reason why you have an erectile dysfunction. They have what is known as Vasoconstrictors that inhibit the blood flow to the vessels thus stopping you from having a complete erection.

There are many of us who do not sleep enough, and it is recommended that you get at least 8-9 hours of good old sleep. It's not good enough to just sleep in on the weekends to make up for those lost hours; it catches up with you. This means that your body and the mind are both physically exhausted and that prevents you from having good quality sex with your partner.

Regular exercise is a must and as Harvard Health Professionals Follow-up Study (HPFS) say, the men who exercise on a weekly basis up to 5 times are 30% less likely to be sexually inactive because good exercise makes for a good time in bed.

Go and visit a qualified sex therapist who knows his job when you feel that your sexual problems are less physical and more physiological in nature. In that way you get more leeway into your sex life and you worry less.

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