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Test for men "Male Sexual Health and Potency"

Concerned about erection problems, lack of sexual desire? Our test will help determine how serious your problems with potency and sexual health, and whether it's time to turn to a specialist.

Male sexual health TestMale Sexual health involves a number of variables. It is not about just providing counseling to the men who may have trouble experiencing sexual fulfillment but also about giving the right kind of medicines to them in order to enable them to have a healthy sex life, longer lasting erections and a good sex drive.

No man wants to feel weak. This is especially true intimate sphere. But at times, many men have problems in bed. And then every man asks himself the question: what is it - the result of fatigue, stress, or a sign of serious problems? To clarify the situation pass a simple test to find out how healthy your sex life. Answer a few questions of the test and decide for yourself what will you do, do not pay attention and move on quietly, or it is time to visit a specialist doctor.

Male sexual health Test

1. Do you have a decrease in sexual desire and excitement?
2. Do you have a lack of energy?
3. Do you have experiencing powerlessness and reduced stamina?
4. Do you have a decreased body weight?
5. Do you enjoy life less?
6. Are you in a bad mood and you irritable?
7. Do you Fall asleep after dinner?
8. Do you have a decreased performance?
9. Over the last month, you often could not achieve an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse start?
10. Over the last month, you often failed to maintain an erection until the end of intercourse?
11. Over the last month, you often could not have an orgasm?
12. Over the last month decreased self-confidence, there was an inferiority complex?
13. The upcoming sexual intimacy causes you anxiety and expectation of failure?

Test Results

A positive response to at least 2 questions from the group of questions from 1 to 8 indicates the likely reduced testosterone - the male sex hormone. In this case, it is necessary to clarify this assumption by performing blood tests.

A positive response to at least one question from a group of questions from 9 to 13 indicates a serious problem of your sexual (and, perhaps, and general) health and requires immediate referral to a specialist.


Female Doctor Talking With Male PatientIf your age from 40 to 80, the likely causes of the violation of your sexual health will be psychological and physical factors in about equal proportions. Possible that the probable cause of the violation of sexual health can be diseases such as circulatory problems, diabetes or its latent form, nervous system disease, low testosterone levels, which blocks the sexual desire or problems with the prostate gland.

In order to bring back the joy of sex life you and your partner is worth as soon as possible to see a specialist. It is not necessary to suffer silently and needlessly waste time. Urologist and andrologist doctors will help you figure out the cause of your problems and save your sexual health.

Male sexual health is a growing concern particularly with the many problems of infertility and impotence on the rise. One of the leading products in the market for improved stamina sexually is VigRX Plus male enhancement pills and it has been making life easier for many men all over the world.