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Tips on How to Increase Penis Size

Age has absolutely nothing to do with sex, and all that changes is more time to get an erection and maybe more time to get an orgasm, but that should not stop you in any way. Just look at the likes of Hugh Hefner, because their sex drive, even at 70 is still strong and they are ready to go. 

But it must be clarified here that with age, the size and appearance is bound to change and this can impact many men. Sure it is a difficult thing to accept but that is one of the issues related to becoming old.

You just need to relax, because even if the size of the penis and its appearance decreases, you can still make it stronger and harder. But before that, let's take a look at the life cycle of the penis

Penis Appearance
The glans of the penis are the first targets which become pale because of reduced blood flow. The second targets are the pubic hair. Although the first jolt is a bit frightening, the second should not bother you much.

Penis Size
You may lose on the size front but appearance can be deceptive. On the other hand, you can actually make it look bigger by reducing your body fat.

Men can become distorted around the belly as time goes by. The penis then may be blocked or hidden completely. Trim your belly and you increase penis size, at least in appearance. And you will add some jump to your stride in the process.

It is unclear of how much men lose in penis size as they get old, but it is certain that they lose about half an inch as time goes by. This is caused by a blockage in the arteries that provide the blood. This is called atherosclerosis, and it's the same process that can cause blockages in the coronary arteries and cause heart attack.

Additionally, a slow build-up of inelastic collagen (scar tissue) in fibrous sheath in the region of erection chambers could also reduce penile blood flow. When you combine this factor with clogged arteries, then the penis size can definitely get shorter.

Penile Curvature
In middle aged men, the peyronie's disease can even make the penis curved. This happens generally in middle age and could make erections and intercourse quite painful. In some of the cases, surgery might be needed.

There is a solution for all of these issues. You can get a penile enlarger that fits around the penis and corrects length and curvature issues, by applying gentle pressure on it for some months.ProExtender Penis Extender

Penis extenders employ traction, to stimulate cell mitosis within the penile tissue. Peyronie's disease and penis shortening can both be cured by the penile extenders.

You have to be consistent with penis extender, because the work best over a long period, usually several months. People often find it hard to wear them for so long but they generally do not have much sensation aside from some hanging sensation. But remember to choose a material that does not cause rashes or bruises to the skin, as this is a very important process.

You cannot just blindly add inches to your existing size and you should remember this when you use penis extenders. Your expectations should match those of the extenders themselves so that you avoid disappointment along the way.

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 How to Increase Penis Size Using ProExtender